Seahawks win!
Super Bowl XLIX
Image by ucumari photography
Well that is Anana’s prediction for Super Bowl XLIX.
So John you now have my choice.

10 of the funniest tweets during Super Bowl XLIX
WASHINGTON — The Super Bowl turned out to be a terrific game. A matchup of each conference's top team, it had the makings of a classic matchup coming in, but that's not always how these things turn out. And yet, it lived up to the billing, with the …
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Super Bowl 49: Carroll's mistake helps Belichick get away with blunder
They both made questionable decisions at the end of Super Bowl XLIX, but only Belichick got away with his and won another title. Carroll is on the hook for one of the worst Super Bowl decisions of all time, allowing his quarterback to throw a slant …

Super Bowl XLIX was the most-watched show in US TV history
Super Bowl XLIX featured not only a glamorous matchup, with Tom Brady and the dynastic Patriots squaring off against Russell Wilson and the reigning champion Seahawks, but the run-up to the game was dominated by the DeflateGate controversy.
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