When you head off to Minneapolis in late January or early February to prepare for the super bowl, you can’t expect to get the most out of your trip by just going. Sure, Super Bowl LII itself will be the event of a lifetime, but what else are you going to do with your time in Minneapolis? The game only takes up one evening, and you’ll most likely be there for a few days at least. Plan ahead to make sure you know where to have the most fun in and around Minneapolis during your stay!

What to Do Around the Super Bowl?

The Twin Cities are Minneapolis and St. Paul, which are directly beside each other and easy to travel between. So, you can take advantage of events going on in both cities! The theme for Super Bowl 52 is the “Bold North”, and here are some of the fun things to do when you’re waiting for the big game:

  1. Paul Winter Carnival

Although the winter carnival is an annual event, 2018’s event is showing a lot more attention to NFL lovers and Super Bowl visitors. There will be football themed events every day, along with an array of fun winter activities and evening events for the whole family, including vendor booths, live entertainment, and much more. There’s plans for a $15 million ice palace to be constructed for the carnival. It’s free for entry at Rice Park from January 25th – February 10th.

  1. Ice Skating

You can’t hide winter in Minnesota, so it’s best to just embrace it and enjoy the fun winter activities offered. There are 25 separate outdoor ice skating rinks around Minneapolis itself, with one of the most popular being Lake of Isles Park. Some rinks are reserved for general use, while others are for ice hockey and other ice sports only.

  1. Minnesota Wild Hockey or a Timberwolves Basketball Game

If you’re all about sports, you can catch a few other games the week leading up to the Super Bowl. The NHL’s Minnesota Wild will be facing the Vegas Golden Knights at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on February 2nd. The NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves also play home games at the Target Center on February 1st and 3rd.

  1. Mall of America

While it’s a cool place to visit any time, the Mall of America will be home to a few fun NFL-related events leading up to February 4th. The Media Party is likely to be hosted at the Nickelodeon Center inside the mall, with NFL events going on in wide open spaces around the mall itself.

  1. Nicollet Mall Super Bowl Live Football Bazaar

Another large mall in the Twin Cities area, the Nicollet Mall will be hosting the official NFL football bazaar. There will be activities for young and old, and an array of ex-NFL players doing interviews, signing autographs, and meeting with fans.

  1. Super Bowl Breakfast

This one might just be for the real NFL fans out there, not just anybody. It doesn’t have the glam and pizazz of some of the other events, but can still be a fun time watching the winner of the Bart Starr award get presented before Super Bowl night. Tickets are sold ahead of time to reserve your seat.

  1. Minnesota Armory Super Bowl Club

A fantastic historic location downtown, the Minnesota Armory is going to become an event center during the days leading up to the Super Bowl and an enormous nightclub in the evenings. Big name artists will be hosting concerts every evening leading up to the big game night, though artists have yet to be announced.

  1. Pre-Game & VIP Tailgate Parties

A number of Super Bowl parties and pre-game parties will be hosted on February 2nd and 3rd, with the official pregame party on February 4th at the stadium. Many pre-game parties require a ticket, because of high demand to get in, so get your tickets ahead of time if you want to be set up for every weekend night while you’re there.

  1. Restaurants

The Twin Cities features many great restaurants to check out while in town for the Super Bowl.

  1. Nightlife

Downtown Minneapolis and St Paul as well as Uptown feature great bars, restaurants and night life all year along, but especially during the Super Bowl.

There are still some schedules yet to come out and artists waiting to be booked, but the line-up of fun festivities and events leading up to the Super Bowl 52 showdown already has a lot to keep you busy! Plan ahead of time to know where you want to go and get tickets to different events around the Twin Cities area.

10 Things to Do in the Twin Cities While in Town for Super Bowl 52” was written by Cale Loken, a marketing consultant at 301 Madison Consulting, LLC.


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