Notice the holiday-induced special effects? New York apparently isn’t giving up. The NFL has approved a preliminary bid by the New York Giants and Jets for the host city of the 2014 Super Bowl which would be in the New Meadowlands Stadium. The NFL has a 50 degrees and above policy stating Super Bowls can’t be held in cities where the temps are less than 50 for the month of February. This obviously has been waived so New York can push this bid. A Super Bowl in New York has been discussed before. Remember the West Side Stadium debacle? The Jets tried to move into a West Side Stadium that would’ve been the Olympic Stadium for NYC2012. London eventually won the 2012 Games. BTW, NYC2012 should’ve never put that stadium in Manhattan. It should’ve been for Flushing. I play Devil’s Advocate in this vid and give my reason for why this can be a good idea as opposed to bad. The NFL has always glorified the idea of late season football. Snow and cold weather has always been referred to as “real football” weather by fans and media. So why can’t that apply to the Super Bowl every now and then. I’d experiment with this for a few years and if it’s good, it would continue. All images here are from other internet sites
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Meadowlands Super Bowl XLVIII Forecast
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I’m sorry I have to disagree. I have no bias on where the game is
played. I’m totally neutral on this issue. There are just to many
negative factors in this deal. What if you bought tickets and you
can’t even get a flight in to see the game? I appreciated your
thoughts though, and I thought you expressed your point well.
Good job.

Akiem Bailum

I heard Arizona was bidding. I think Dallas is as well. I’m just tired of the NFL constantly in bed with the warm weather cities when some of the most historic games in NFL history have been played in cold weather.


i read an news article from Arizona so thats who will probably b ur toughest competitor for the bid cause they got that really nice stadium


of course the year i go off to college is when the superbowl has a chance to be played in my area…..


LOL good vid man….I hOPE the GIANTS get that BID we need a Superbowl in NY but i doubt it…..


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