Larry Fitzgerald practices his interview chops with Troy Polamalu on being paired with Fitz on the cover of Madden 2010, Super Bowl XLIII and being amongst h…
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troy polomalu is a true atlethe. hes humble, doesnt talk shit, and just
simply works hard and gives it his all.


@TheLittlestud are you retarded ? have u been watching this season ? Fitz
isnt doing shit. Troy is the best safety known to NFL history. please dont
talk out of ur ass if u dont know anything about football.

Brian Tang

Larry should have asked “How does it feel dusting yo ass in my 4th quarter
touchdown in Superbowl XLIII” Then Polamalu should have said “How does it
feel having your shitty ass team coming in 5-11?”

Matt Walls

Polamalu sounds like Michael Jackson lol but i wouldnt say that to his face

Matt Bath

i personally think these two guys are my fav players!! 😛 haha!! 😉

Brian Tang

I thought Polamalu would sound and be hella bad ass without his helmet. But
then as i watched the vid im like… dam I cant believe this is the dude
that smacks the shits outta dudes on tv


lol fitz was probably thinking that i hate this dude the whole time

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