This classic 3rd triumvirate sketch is a spoof on Super Bowl Commercials. As a low budget company, Mustache Comb could not pay to have their product advertised during the Super Bowl, so instead they turned to the internet to advertise there incredible product. Anyone with a mustache, should not go a day more without mustache comb. The single greatest development in mustache care, Mustache comb is keeping gentlemen everywhere from looking like disheveled bums. Buy your mustache comb today!
Video Rating: 3 / 5



I liked everything except the talking and graphics. The production values were excellent. But mustache comb? It’s like a pair of hack dice with words on them were thrown so comedy could be killed off Letterman style (the unfunny becomes funny for hipsters you want to laugh at stuff that no one else finds funny). This is kick in the nuts to the concept of humor.


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