Britney Spears Live At Super Bowl 2014 (Fan Made)

Credits: Tim Condon 2
Video Rating: 5 / 5

When it comes to our kids, there’s an age-old question that has perplexed parents for generations. “Where do babies come from?” Now, for the first time ever, we’ll reveal this untold story through an epic journey, nine months in the making. Watch as a nervous father navigates through this delicate situation, with a little help from his 2014 Kia Sorento SX Limited and UVO voice-activated infotainment system that plays “Wheels on the Bus”. With all of its many features, it has an answer for everything. So fasten your diapers — these babies are ready for launch. Join our Game Day ad conversation on Twitter with @Kia using #SpaceBabies To learn more about the Kia Sorento, visit:



Great job! Amazing! I love it! Download link plz. There should be a “Scream and Shout” live mix.


They, apparently, think that people will throw babies off skydiving planes with parachutes.


The kid is old enough. Just tell him. This is so embarrassing. What horrible excuse for parents.
Thank you for helping me cross-off “Sorento” for my family’s vehicle needs.


I like how he says penetrate while the spaceships headed towards earth look like sperm racing to an egg


That sounds like how Goku arrived on earth as baby. I wouldnt be surprised if that’s how they got the idea for the commercial.


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