Britney Spears live @ Superbowl 2014 (MAXT Fanmade Megamix)

This is fanmade. Twitter: @maxtejera Exhale: I am Max.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Hey guys, leave a comment below with your thoughts on my predictions! Leave your predictions as well. Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Thanks!…
Video Rating: 3 / 5



Amazing job ! 🙂 but to be honest I didnt like the song choices..
Try this setlist if u can ofcourse;
Lucky/Crazy Medley (Total:2 min.)
Oops! I Did It Again/Baby One More Time Medley (Total 2.30 min. Including Dance Break)
I’m A Slave 4 U (Total 1 min + 1 min Dance Break)
Circus/Womanizer ( Total 2 min Including Dance Break)
Till The World Ends/I Wanna Go ( Total 3 min.)
Gimme More ( Total 1.30 min)
Toxic (Total 2 min)

Martin Wong

Good picks. My sleeper will be Tampa Bay going an astounding 11-5 and a wild card slot. My SB is Pittsburgh over Atlanta.

Luke H

Ohh how EVERYONE hates on the Raiders…but in all reality(if you pay attention) you’d see that they have the best safety combo, fullback and kicker in the well as having great talent being put together…mark my words, the raiders will be a 9-7 wild card playoff team!

Kevin DanIsBad

going seatle or niners vs broncos is likely but boring and usually the preseason favs will not be there and one thing shown in sports is that history repeats its self so i like in AFC champ game pats vs broncos with pats 24 to 13 win the nfc champ game packers vs falcons with falcons winning 33 to 21 and pats beating falcons 26 to 17 pats extremely undervalued this year and there going to shock everyone first season in years well since 2001 were there not foavorites and they like that

Hugo Danner

We’ll it’s anyone guess until like early or mid Dec really. Unless a team really has a bad year due to major injuries. My prediction is

Green Bay vs the Texans in a very close game GB pulls it off. Go Packers!


I like your picks, but bears 6-10 is just crazy. Not even because their my team. Titans winning more games then a team that destroyed them last 52-26 I think is crazy.but like you said this is your opinion, and I respect that. I think NFC north will go. Bears 10-6 packers 10-6 lions 8-8 and viqueens 6-10. Superbowl. Texans vs cowboys surprisingly. But overall I think your picks will be accurate. Nice vid.


Nice video! I also make pick videos. Just recently came out with a Super Bowl prediction video as well! My prediction is Falcons/Broncos, with the Falcons winning


NFC: 49ers AFC: Patriots

49ers fuckin’ crush and obliterate the Patriots.


Eh, probably not. I HATE Seattle, but they have a good team. Gotta give them respect where it’s deserved.


I hope you’re predictions are accurate! (Except the one for my Browns :) )


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