Arizona cardinals moments of their Super Bowl run.
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PITTSBURGH STEELERS Vs. ARIZONA CARDINALS (Tell us about the game before and after) Date: February 1, 2009 Location: Stadium Raymond James Stadium City: Tamp…


Mark P

Yeah. Everyone know they cheated. You can abvously see that Holmes two feet
were nit im bounds just the one was, the other foot wasnt even touching thw
ground and on the last play of the half steelers players pushed cardinals
player in the back, they grabed Warner’s jersey, and a couole others;
theres4 a video called “refs steel victory feom cardinals.” Bottom line is
shitsburgh cheated; I guess people cant except the fact that the Cardinals
were better than the steelers!

Cody K

Superbowl XLIII: Greatest one I ever saw, a great game between two great
teams. IMO, the Cardinals worked so hard and they deserved to win the
Superbowl, but at least they put up a fight. I didn’t like the Steelers and
I still don’t, but I gotta respect them. Colts and Gaints are still number
one though!


If you’re talking about Wisenhut it’s cause he wanted to be a head coach
and the Steelers hired Tomlin.


“Why does Donovan McNabb eat his Chunky Campbell Soup from the can? Because
every time he gets near a bowl he chokes.” LOL That is some funny shit.


i love how everybody in the nation is up fitzgerolds ass and just finding
out he good he really is.ive known how good he is since he played at
pitt.he was robbed of the heisman,and everybody in pittsburgh loves him
because he made the craziest catches while playing at pitt.i love him
too,hes the only good player that the cards have.but thank god the steelers
pulled it out,everyone in pittsburgh would hate fitzgerold if we wouldnt
have won.


the Cardnels won dat game anybody disagree message me in private fuck da


that was a cheap win for the pittsburg steelers because harrison got the
interseption but the ball wasent across the line so they called it a touch
down and his knee was down before the ball crosses the in zone so bassicaly
cardinals should have won by the way steelers suck dallas cowboys rock
mother fucker hahahahahahahhahah copy and paste if u think they got a cheap
win send comments on my channel at ollie grind3 ok thank u for your time
and seya and screw you u went for pittsburg steelers!!


How wonder how butthurt the steelers fan are going to be if the Ravens or
the 49ers wins the super bowl lol to give you advice steelers fan i suggest
you root for the ravens for this one if not god have mercy on the steel
curtain’s soul 🙁


Lifelong Steelers fan here, but I’ll have to say that the greatest catch in
Super Bowl history was made by the Giants’ David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII.


The guy on the left looks like my assistant/substitute Health/P.E. teacher.


stop bullshitting about the refs, the cardinals lost the game themselves
and the steelers won it themselves


gooood. not great. they had little competition in tha superbowl. a good
team would have beat them. nothing against tha cards =]]

Lucas Stone

we actually have an “h” at the end our name…. just sayin’


Holmgren is still bitching about Super Bowl 40! And how the fuck did the
refs give us the game! Harrison was held THE WHOLE FUCKING GAME, and was
only called a few times, should of been a lot more. But they adjusted to
the refs! The Cardinals were not even bitching about the calls! We had a TD
got tossed out, and the holding in the end zone was Bul Shit! Roughing a
holder is the same as a kicker! You can’t just run into him! Even then, it
meant nothing, they still didn’t get a TD anyway!


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