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Raymie Humbert

The KNXV bumpers and stuff are awesome. This is the oldest KNXV/ABC stuff
we have, especially since there is virtually nothing on YT from the switch
period (September 1994-January 1995).

The “America’s Favorite” promo and Simpsons rights are explained by a bit
of convoluted history. KNXV had just flipped to ABC after years as a Fox
affiliate (thanks, Scripps). The station launched a news department in
August 1994 (as part of previous plans), with a 10pm newscast completely
different from anything that had ever been seen in the market and dominated
the regional Emmys in 1995 and 1996. The “You’ve heard about it, now SEE
it!” line is similar…having read some of the Republic articles from this
time, this really was quite something and many people would have heard of
the strange new format on 15. But this was a major opportunity to attract
eyeballs to the new news department.


I didn’t watch this when it originally aired, BUT I’ve seen her winning
moment in commercials. (meaning the woman who won the publishers clearing
house sweepstakes that year.)

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