My predictions for the entire 2015 NFL playoffs. Took a while too lock these in. Tell me what you guys think. Like, comment, and subscribe!



AFC East
Patriots 14-2
Jets 10-6
Dolphins 8-8
Bills 6-10

AFC North
Steelers 10-6
Ravens 10-6
Bengals 8-8
Browns 5-11

AFC South
Colts 12-4
Texans 8-8
Jaguars 4-12
Titans 2-14

AFC West
Broncos 13-3
Chargers 11-5
Chiefs 8-8
Raiders 5-11

NFC East
Eagles 10-6
Cowboys 8-8
Redskins 8-8
Giants 4-12

NFC North
Packers 11-5
Lions 11-5
Bears 9-7
Vikings 7-9

NFC South
Saints 12-4
Falcons 8-8
Buccaneers 6-10
Panthers 5-11

NFC West
49ers 13-3
Seahawks 11-5
Rams 9-7
Cardinals 8-8

AFC Playoff Seeding
1 Patriots
2 Broncos
3 Colts
4 Steelers
5 Chargers
6 Jets

NFC Playoff Seeding
1 49ers
2 Saints
3 Packers
4 Eagles
5 Lions
6 Seahawks

Wildcard Weekend
Packers 28 – Seahawks 24
Eagles 44 – Lions 45
Colts 17 – Jets 13
Steelers 10 – Chargers 31

Divisional Round
49ers 38 – Lions 20
Saints 31 – Packers 38
Patriots 27 – Chargers 14
Broncos 38 – Colts 48

Conference Championship
49ers 31 – Saints 13
Patriots 38 – Colts 27

Super Bowl
Patriots 20 – 49ers 17


AFC East:
Patriots (12-4)
Jets (8-8)
Dolphins (8-8)
Bills (4-12)

AFC North:
Bengals (10-6)
Ravens (9-7)
Steelers (8-8)
Browns (6-10)

AFC South:
Colts (10-6)
Texans (6-10)
Titans (5-11)
Jaguars (3-13)

AFC West:
Broncos (13-3)
Chargers (9-7)
Chiefs (7-9)
Raiders (4-12)

NFC East:
Eagles (11-5)
Giants (8-8)
Cowboys (8-8)
Redskins (5-11)

NFC North:
Packers (11-5)
Bears (9-7)
Lions (7-9)
Vikings (6-10)

NFC South:
Saints (11-5)
Falcons (8-8)
Panthers (8-8)
Buccaneers (8-8)

NFC West:
49ers (12-4)
Seahawks (12-4)
Cardinals (9-7)
Rams (6-10)

Dancho Beckman

as a pats fan i like this, but to the truth this is reasonable but not all
the way. but it’s predictions. really just got to see who stacked there up
with weapons this off season 

da fuq

Eagles ain’t goin 11-5, nick foles won’t have another season like he had in
2013. Their wideouts are trash, they lost Djax, all they gots a strong run
game, and they have a tough schedule. skins will win the division at 9-7


These predictions are simply amazing, they are accurate and detailed. And
this is all coming from an unbiased fan who doesn’t even like the pats.

I am a diehard New England Patriot, but I must say, these predictions are
awesome, even if you aren’t a Patriot.

Jason Edwards

Dude… Patriots?? Come on… QUIT riding the Cheat-triots NUTZ!! Tom Brady
aint won a Super Bowl since Spygate… WTF makes you think he gonna win one
against San Fran!! NE aint got a defense that comes anywhere remotely close
to what San Fran & Seattle got on defense!! Last time Brady was in the
Super Bowl, he said he wanted the ball last… Well, He got the ball last &
what did he do with it?? NOTHING!! And Pittsburgh old as dirt… They
havent won anything since Tim Te(BLOW) knocked them outta the playoffs 2-3
yrs ago, so WTF makes you think they gonna win the AFC North??

coaster king

Pittsburgh winning the north no they won’t make the playoffs cincy has a
very easy schedule there more of a 12-4 13-3 mabey even kind of team
Pittsburgh is very old and overrated they won’t pass 9-7 but the rest is
pretty accurate 

Billy Levy

You know nothing about the game of football bro Seattle is still a damn
good tram they’ll win the division you need to pay attention to football a
lot harder

daniel pacheco

Also the 9ers have great weapons on their offense: verrnon Davis (one of
the best tight ends), boldin, Crabtree, Johnson, and bringing back Brandon
loyd.. And these are just the recivers they got great weapons on the
running side Hyde, gore, lattimore, miller, James all great runners and
last but not least kaepernick he can run and throw excellent. And who do
the pats have? Brady and gronk that’s it


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