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plastic money
Super Bowl 50
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the news breaks all over the face of an adopted Bears fan
Super Bowl 50
Image by incendiarymind
This is actually the minor celebrity among my group of friends. This is Brendan Benson of The Raconteur’s cousin.

She’s, therefore, not originally from Chicago but from just outside Detroit. She grew up about three cities away from the one I grew up in. The difference between her and me today was that she adopted the Bears and I didn’t. I really could care less about every Chicago team except the Fire and Cubs (who I love) and the Blackhawks (who I’d love to love but who just suck).

Therefore this transplanted Detroiter was much more upset with today’s results than I was.

I thought about bringing my laptop to gamble in real time during the game (even though I don’t bet on football anymore) but I figured it would be anti-social. Turns out I should have because two other people brought theirs including this girl (whose name I know well but internet and all).

She is obviously not liking what she’s seeing as she’s checking real time stats in the fourth quarter.


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