HIGHLIGHTS of 49ers 2016 Super Bowl Bid Briefing and new Santa Clara Stadium Tour

Watch FULL Briefing by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x-ExTC-Fzk&index=1&hd=1 49ers 2016 Super Bowl Bid Briefing and new Santa Clara Stadium …
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Visit Santa Clara

Here’s a video update on the San Francisco 49ers new Santa Clara Stadium.
The video also includes a recap of yesterday’s SFSuperBowl Bid Briefing
held at the stadium.


Eh, it’s right next to an amusement park so the coolness meter kinda evens
out, not to mention it’s the first LEED certified stadium in NFL history,
with solar panels, a green roof where parties can happen with a nice view
of the scenery and the game, a bunch of partnerships with silicon valley
companies so a bunch of software features, free wifi, great weather so it’s
an actual outdoors stadiums unlike yours which will like to pretend, which
also means real grass not turf.


But the Vikings stadium is only going to cost $975 million dollars and the
new 49ers stadium costs 1.2 billion dollars if not more when all is said
and done. Besides Lambaugh Field will become that much more iconic than
yours and the Falcons will have the cooler Stadium than yours, what with
its unique design, not to mention Cowboys stadium which is practically a
wonder of the world by now. The Vikings haven’t won any contests here.
Although to be fair it’s still cool, although not as valuable.

Ezekiel Solu

But the niners have 5 superbowl championships and Vikes have 0

Kitsune FOX

Dont let florida get the bowl. Theyve had it enough. let it travel round
the country and to other stadiums.


Funny how taxpayer money is used for this bullshit instead of schools. Why
not improve society where it counts. Instead, they build a fuckin football

jordan peters

I know people can get paranoid but if you were truly saved this wouldn’t
scare you. Its one thing to be a ‘christian’ but if you were a true
christian you would know that you were saved and things like this shouldn’t
scare you. 

Don Meyers

Once again your videos are right on the money and in line with the prophecy
and events that written of in the Bible the Word of God. People that hate
on you are lost souls and they are scared so they just naturally go with
the crowds to feel better. But my eyes have been open to the evil in this
world since I was abused as a child by uncle bad touch. I have always loved
Jesus since I was in Sunday school and known that the devil is His enemy
and anyone that loves and believes in Him. So I know what has happened
throughout my life is not without purpose.( REVELATION 12:13) “And when the
dragon saw that he was cast to the earth, he persecuted the woman which
brought forth the man child.” (REVELATION 12:17) “And the dragon was wroth
with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which
keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ!”
People are believing the LIES of Satan rather then the TRUTH of JESUS
because he gives them things to please their lust, pride, greed and evil
hearts i.e. SIN. Two kinds of people on earth those who believe and are
saved by Jesus and are Gods children, and those who reject Christ and are
the property of Satan whether they want to acknowledge it or not. Mankind
has only two choices… God Bless you and your work Brother in Christ

Dimka Shemetov

You know what everyone has a choice to believe or not. I was raised in a
Christian family with knowing this things. I know that God is real he did
help me thru hard times in my life and he is a living God. So many of us
are out there saying no it’s bunch of non sence. God has warned us many
years ago about that there will be micro chips in our time. Here we are now
watching the whole things being revealed in front of our eyes. God is the
only way for us because there is not other way to heaven other than God.
Come to christ and he will help you thru all your believes he will help
your soul. God Bless you all


How much longer until people realize that we are getting herded like
animals for the slaughter?

Jennifer wilson

WTF??!!! Strip searching children at school, I’m so pissed & disgusted!! 

Albin Larsson

There are 7 billion pople of earth, of course things are occuring. All you
are doing is showing us some random NEWS from TV STATIONS. Like really,
from a small town in texas… This footage is seriously pathetic. 

Truth Teller

Dude pls change your titles. Consantly repeating the same ”SOMETHING IS
GONNA HAPPEN” title all the time will just make it seem that nothing is
happeninig and you’re paranoid.

kes on tegija

if u belive this shit why the hell u havent already killed the rockefellers
or the guys who are behind this, is it because u are afraid lol then stop
talking about fighting back orsth because U wont do shit. Or there is still
some sense in u and deep down your not sure if its true.
i belive in god and all but nothing hasent happened and nothing will,
nowadays everything is illuminati ebola, school shootings, airplane trails
the list is endless. i agree that the goverment is doing shit that we dont
know but for fucks sakes stop being so paranoid. 



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