Last play of Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore Ravens Sam Koch punts to San Francisco 49ers. GAME OVER. 34 to 31 final.

Original air date: January 20, 1985 Network: ABC Channel: KGO TV-7 City, State: San Francisco, CA This is the 1985 broadcast of Superbowl XIX (Miami Dolphins…
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Frank Burton

Chirayu: the song is called “The Final Countdown” by Europe.


49ers never got screwed. Bad calls both ways. Torrey was pass interfered
with in the 2nd quarter that was never called and could have been a big
play, we ended up punting. Not to mention the Crabtree play was a good no
call. Smith contact the first 5 yards and after that they both had each
other’s hands on one another battling. It is the Super Bowl, the players
make the plays that they get paid to make.


Niners did screwed you Bulshit faggot, and yes they did on the seashit
game. Pay attention before talkin shit. Faggot ass raven bitch

AJ Brandonisio

At 0:20, if he would’ve broken left, (right in video). he would’ve had the
outside, and probally would’ve scored.



Great video. Could we have permission to run this on Fox Sports Live?

Thank you.


Thanks for posting. Nice to watch 49ers from the Golden years when they had
a good QB.

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