Super Bowl XLVIII Preparations at MetLife Stadium January 31, 2014
Super Bowl 48
Image by Anthony Quintano

Super Bowl Trivia! In honor of Super Bowl XLVIII, here are 48 questions to
What were the only two Super Bowls without a turnover? 46. Who are the two quarterbacks to win the Super Bowl in the same state they went to high school? 47. Who was the first player to play in 5 Super Bowls? 48. This Super Bowl-winning head coach was …
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48 Notes about Super Bowl XLVIII
To commemorate Super Bowl XLVIII, we bring you 48 facts and tidbits about Super Bowls, the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks and, of course, the Giants. I – Denver and Seattle are a combined 2-5 in Super Bowls. The Broncos are 2-4 (winning Super …
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Seattle's Not Going Away
Not only have they reached the Super Bowl, but with a powerful home-field advantage; a young, deep and talented roster; management and coaching driven to succeed; and one of the country's richest men writing the checks, they are primed for short- and …
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