Super Bowl Sunday Crystal Ball
Super Bowl Arizona
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Look into my crystal ball and see what you can predict for Super Bowl XLII… 🙂

my predictions…??

… one of the most frequently whispered questions as guests arrive for Super Bowl parties today will be "who is playing?"…

… it may rain in Phoenix… in Phoenix…?? oh yeah…

… most commercials will actually see more air-time online than on television… what? have you not seen them all aready…??

… Tom Petty will not perform “You Don’t Know How It Feels”… but many folks hope he brings Stevie Nicks with him…

… pig-in-a-blanket will be on many home buffet tables… ;))

what do you see for Super Bowl Sunday in the crystal ball…?? your predictions…??

and who would have predicted this would make Explore…!! thanks for all of your comments, favs and appreciation…!!

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