One of the best performaces of the “King of Pop – Michael Jackson”. Super Bowl Half Time Show performed in California at January 31, 1993, it includes Jam, B…


minh quan Do

wow normally, the performance is just a nice treat for the fans, football
is the main highlight of the superbowl. Michael Jackson just flipped that
around and made his performance the main highlight. his 12 minute
performance was probably better than the whole football game. absolutely
stunning, incredibly powerful and moving performance.


He can stand on stage for two minutes strait and do nothing while the crowd
cheers. Turns his head, and the crowd cheers LOUDER. Only MJ can do that so
you argument in invalid. Bye xoxo.

Khaled Taha

Take a seat Beyonce…… THIS is how you do a Super Bowl show!!!
R.I.P King of Pop :'(

Talia Oliver

You mean to tell me that he used half of his Super Bowl performance to
raise awareness and people want to continue to perpetuate negativity about
Michael SMH he was amazing and did what other artists were too selfish to
do themselves. He was successful in using his celebrity as a platform to
change the world. I don’t understand why people don’t talk about that.

Danni Gibbs

Beyonce and Michael Jackson, Bruno mars superbowl performance was mind
blowing. Katy Perry just fucked it up tonight the chick needs to have vocal
lessons and sing louder and stop with all of these showy props its not
working. Just a failure and a bust she let everyone done with this


I remember watching this performance when I was 8 years old; a HUGE Michael
Jackson fan, and I was completely unaware of the allegations.

As I’m sitting in front of the tv, mesmerized, the bitch who would become
my stepmother coldly says: “He is SUCH a FREAK”.

Without missing a beat, completely deadpan, I respond: “You want a freak?
Look in the mirror.”

My Dad would scold me for this later on, but looking back, I’m glad I
defended MJ. They’d later divorce anyway lol.

Nick Ronaldo

The SuperBowl halftime is for real musicians, not for dumb pop stars like
Katie Perry

Angelica Wishalla

Me watching this: **breaks down in tears** “I WANTED TO GO THERE TOO!!
Lesson? Appreciate that you were born on the 90’s or 80’s cause you still
got the chance to see him. Unlike me.. All I see now are holograms

richard mctere

beyonce sucks,all she singn’s is garbage,the beatles also suck,but are
better than beyonce,only my opnion.

Laura Dawe

This performance would have been awesome even if Michael had come onto the
stage, sat in a chair and read the phone book aloud! LOL! He was THAT

Amira Nawrocki

All of those pop star whores, who need to strip down to be interesting and
perform almost naked, like miley, minaj, beyonce etc. be jelous! Jackson is
the god of pop and his power remains purely on his talent. His lyrics are
meaningfull, bringing positive energy to the world. Hopefully, there will
be more talented artists on the stage in the future. And all those bitches
singing about shit will shut up eventually.
Thank you, Michael.

Guillaume Shaqspear

*Remember the time – January 31, 1993*
Michael Jackson sings during halftime of Super Bowl XXVII at the Rose Bowl
Stadium in Pasadena, California, performing many of his titles: *Jam*, *Billie
Jean*, *Black or White* and *Heal The World*. This is the largest audience
ever in the United States with 142 million viewers.
#michaeljackson #superbowl #healtheworld 

Chris Lacy

Thanks for sharing this. I was the first Michael Jackson illusionist coming
out the Jumbo tron. My name is Craig Parks. I worked for Michael for the
Bad Record videos and shows. I was his photo double and standin. This was
the last project I worked on with him… Blessing. The other guy was
Darrick Morgan . Thanks for sharing, great memories.

Ingrid Kwong

I don’t care who you are, Beyonce, Bruno mars, or Katy Perry, nobody can do
a super bowl halftime performance like Michael Jackson. 

Esperanza Rodriguez

Michael Jackson IS and WILL ALWAYS BE the best entertainer ever! I’m
blessed I grew up in the 80s and was able to appreciate his talent at his
peak. There will never be another Michael Jackson. No other artist has
such originality, success, fame and talent. He’s the only artist one can
identify by an article of clothing, a dance move, and even a
one-second-long hiccup of his singing. He is the one and only!!!

allan john dias vieira

just art can shut the fucking down all the hate and haters, no more
racims hate or any shit else we are humans stop al the hate 

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