One of the best performaces of the “King of Pop – Michael Jackson”. Super Bowl Half Time Show performed in California at January 31, 1993, it includes Jam, B…



Michael had the best most legendary superbowl premormance in the world and
NO ONE will ever top this, The King Is The Best !!!

Tira Masu

Did he just stand there for a whole minute? Then just turned his head? Then
slowly removed his glasses? And the crowd still went nuts? That’s BADASS!


Unbelieveable that this person is now almost 6 years under earth and a

Sum Dood

Lol. This is great but.. so obviously lip synced. Oh well, RIP MICHAEL we

J. Peals

Ok, so people saying Lip-sync: in the 1990’s for big events like that,
everyone lip synced (security) plus have you seen him on stage? I bet you
couldn’t even say a word if you were in his shoes doing this performance.
Plus if you want to see what he’s able to do, just watch some of his billie
jean performance where he didn’t lip sync. MJ knew how to dance+ sing at
the same time.
Plus he probably was under medication at this moment (both his antalgic
treatment + maybe against the stress for this performance),, and still
rocking it !
Low budget performance (compared to nowadays), but still one of the most
viewed Superbowl performance on YouTube, and to me it’s the best by far!
It’s pure entertainment as MJ created it. He’s a pop phenomenon and icon .
I can’t even imagine how excited I would have been to see MJ, The
supra-megastar of popstars, perform in this stadium in front of me.
Plus he looks soooo good ! I don’t know if it’s his makeup or else, but he
looks flawless here! His eyes, his hair, his costumes, his smile!
MJ at the top. He always was and will always be. Other superbowl
performances are great too, but in my personal opinion this one is the best.

RIP MJ, misunderstood genius

From the bottom of a moonwalker’s broken heart 


His and Beyoncés are the best super bowl performances EVER.

Peter Griffin

this man did what are all the black people in the world wish they could
do,turn their skin to the right colour or the best colour 

arab money

Katy perry was better because she had sharks and Michael didn’t 

Charmaine Hurst

I hate when people bring up MJ being a pedophile… You guys are stupid. He
was the #1 musician that could ever changed the world… They called him a
pedophile to take him down…. He had the power to change the world. When
we all know MJ was nothing they accused him of. It’s beckons me how someone
can believe a false allegation compared to a child star bringing up these
allegations on tv about Hollywood producers being pedophiles and people
want to be blinded. FOH


If it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, why did he decide to become

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