To me one of the most clutch drives in Super Bowl history. Joe Montana pulls is out for the 49ers vs the Bengals. Jerry Rice MVP.
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Brady might have been pretty good throwing to jerry rice and john taylor,
and handing off to roger craig… eh, oh well, he’s still doing alright
with no name receivers. 


Ahh…the Glory Days…hope the 49ers can get #6 in the near future. Young
or old, I’ll always bleed red and gold. #49ersfaithful #goldblooded

Lazarus Kabrareah

John Taylor: One of the most underrated receivers of all-time.


Watching the 2nd and 20 catch by Rice, all I can think is ‘stickum’. His
legacy is tainted, and so is this super bowl. Crazy.


Montana has gone 1 and done in the playoffs 4 times to go along with his 4
Super Bowls. Lets not forget that Montana had a loaded offense littered
with hall of famers. Tom Brady has had to deal with a revolving door of
players and still managed to bring his team Championships. Brady is the
greatest of all time.

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