Follow me during Super Bowl XLVIII. Who will win? Ravens or 49ers? Shout at me here on YouTube Scream at me on Twitter: Ye…
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Jonny Killalot

Frank, Do you enjoy NFL or American football much? I only hear negative things about it from people outside of the US.

I actually rooted for Ravens(been a Ravens fan since 2000) but I did make a bet with a coworker during week 12 that the 49ers would make it to the super bowl I also said the would be playing my Ravens(which wasn’t part of the bet). I couldn’t get any of my coworkers to bet against me on the super bowl.


Hi Frank,
Football or Super Bowl is sooooo boring but the television commercials is great 😀


Nicholas: Thanks for asking, but no; I’m not interested in you =D


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