PeterJaguars makes his NFL Playoff Predictions for 2015, going all the way up to Super Bowl 49! Who will come out with it all? — My Info: Twitter: https://…
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logan jarvis

bruh…. you think the pats would lose to the same team twice in one
year… yea right 

Derek Ramirez

Seahawks would win do to the defense, home-field advantage,
lynch,wilson,and they did play at week 1 plus Rogers isn’t as great on the
road.and if seahawks pass game doesn’t work they can always rely on
beastmode which has been phenomenal in the playoffs. So it would be Seattle
with the win in the NFC championship.

carl lee

Tom more clutch in the playoffs the learned from that game (I’m not just
saying that be cause I’m a pats fan)

Tech Master

WELP Ya got steelers and ravens wrong
Ravens may go to the superbowl if they CAN PLAY TO THEIR FULLEST VS THE

Jared Brandon

How do the Panthers not deserve to be in the playoffs, explain? It’s not
their fault their division is so bad too. They deserve to be in the
playoffs because they won their division regardless of their record. The
point is who has a better record in their division and they won their last
4 games to make it to the playoffs so they deserve to be in.


Seattle would beet Green Bay, Wilson hasn’t lost to any of the greats in
his career (Brady, Manning, Rodgers, and Brees)

Ronnie Arbo

I feel like the pats could beat the packers this time because last time
Aaron Rodgers had like 20 minutes to pass the ball, and even if he couldn’t
find somebody he scrambled, however now chandler jones is back in the
lineup and he adds an aspect of speed and pressure which should mess
Rodgers up, as well as Rodgers has had a couple minor injuries in the past
couple games which could hold him back


not bad! I can see Cowboys Vs. Packers a shootout, both Romo & Rodgers are
great & with good receivers, my opinion will come down to the better
running back and or secondary. 


Seahawks won against the packers so I think the Hawks will win


dont just say that about my panthers were underdogs and just like the
seahawks we have good defense horrible receivers and good running backs
stewart has been average past 5 games about 120 rushing yards so he’s than
man on fire them hawks may have better peices than us but watch the last
games between us and them they always come down to the end . 


The only team that the patriots can lose to is the seahawks. Broncos,
packers, steelers, none of them

In The 410

Don’t bash the panthers if your team never won the super bowl and never
been in the playoffs in years you have no right to talk 

tony guerra

Peter if the ravens win they dont play the broncos, they play the patriots

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