The San Francisco 49ers. One of the best teams in the history of the NFL. Champions of Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII, XVIV, & XXIX.

Madden NFL 25 – San Francisco 49ers vs. Ravens | Super Bowl Gameplay [HD] —————————————— Specs: Xbox 360 Slim Roxio Game Capture …



@ilovegod300, the only reason was that the Baltimore Ravens when they were
originally known as the Cleveland Brown, never won a Super Bowl
championship in Cleveland, while the Colts when they were based in
Baltimore, DID lose and win a championship in both Baltimore and
Indianpolis. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won only one Super Bowl.

Niners All Day

I’m from 2013! I have a correction for you – 49ers are 6-0 in the super


bring back niners old school colors for the jersey..bill walsh would of
wanted it that way

Daniel Freeman

Come on, Niners! We can do it, we CAN reclaim our crown, Best in the West
again! And Niners… The Steelers have 6 now… they have the MOST… we
can’t have THAT! We need #6, we need to tie the Steelers. The Niners and
Steelers, Offense and Defense, classiest organizations… we can’t let that
team from DALLAS win Big Six before us! NINER EMPIRE UNITE!


The San Francisco 49ers are one of four N.F.L. teams (the others being
Packers, Steelers, Giants) to win in their first Super Bowl appearance. By
the way, the Bears were also only to win one Super Bowl. Ironically, their
perfect 1985 season was marred by the only N.F.L. team to have a perfect
season (re: they also won the Super Bowl, which the Giants prevented the
Patriots from doing the same in Super Bowl XXXXII) – the Miami Dolphins!


@ilovegod300, but a Super Bowl record of 5-0? It’s like the Dolphins
perfect 1972 N.F.L. season. It’ll never happen again!


The only team in N.F.L. history with the perfect (5-0) Super Bowl record!


0:21 yep, letting go of Garcia was a mistake. 3 consecutive pro bowls, and
they let him go?


que nostalgia de saber simplemente que ya no son lo mismo me da una
trizteza horrible,,pero siempre hasta la muerte 49ers


the Ravens, Jets, and Buccaneers are all perfect in Super Bowls… but
theyve all only been to 1…

Edward Jabbar

I hated how the ball was daflated last week little cheaters they new we was
gonna win.
There just hatersssssss, they did it some shit of to times

Alexito Awesomeness

i HATE MADDEN NFL 25!!! I was playing this very game as the ravens and we
are tied, the 49ers are kicking off and they score 3 POINTS ON A MFING
KICKOFF!!!!! So now I am losing by 3 points, I throw to my teammate and I
I hate madden nfl 25 TO IT’S BONES!!!

Jonathan Garcia

I wish madden 15 did those little intros that shit used to get me hyped as


Nathan your drunk the 9ers suck. Forreal I do wish the nfl actually hyped
the Super Bowl like this. The game hypes it better than the nfl do in real
life lol

Nathan Shapka

49ers are gonna win it this year thoe.. and so did the 4

Griffin B

at the last play the hail mary you should of let them get all the way to
the end zone

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