Steelers get their 6th ring against Arizona cardinals.
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That 2008 Steelers team always seemed to make the plays that needed to be
made, when they needed to be made.


The Pittsburgh Steelers, one of my favorite franchises ever in the NFL. Boy
Seahawks and Cardinals fans whined like crazy after they lost both Super
Bowls. Both of em still can’t get over it. Super Bowl 40 and 43= Not
Rigged, better team won both times. Actually the worst officiated Super
Bowl of all time was Super Bowl 47 with the Ravens/49ers in which the
Ravens got more ref help than any team in the NFL that year(just watch the
game against the Pats vs. the Replacement Refs), and Fuckko’s pass to
Jacoby Jones hail vs. the Broncos was luck. 


i remember watching this lol i was yelling an cheering haha good game.

Izzy Seera

dude they better win next season tired of people talking crap about them,
the steelers are and will always be the best. enough said.

Fernando Olivares

We will get another one someday… Hopefully in Fitz era… someday


Not HD but still fun to watch. The Greatest Super Bowl TD drive. The
greatest Super Bowl TD.

Matt Jones

Funny, one of THE greatest drives in Super Bowl history yet you hear so
little of it. But you’ll hear about Brady’s 50 and 35 yard field goal
drives till your death.


Feel so bad for the cards they were just that closed to winning it . But
steelers fans congrats on that one because you won’t see your team claim a
Super Bowl in the next 10 years at least 

Jordan Hanson

this was the second year in a row where it took a heroic game winning
drive, i can tell you all right now that if any team has to end up doing
this, they dont deserve to win the game

Dylan Lunt

I’m a steelers fan and I really felt bad for the cards I know theres always
a winner and loser in sports but I hope the cards can win one.

Steven Heightz

Superbowl 42 Eli drive was so intense credit to big Ben but Eli’s was

Ciarra Johnson

History states that your team will never be better than Pittsburgh…win
lose or draw. 

OG Gaming

There is so many people at my school that say their bad its so annoying!

Ciarra Johnson

Santonio, may your career continue to be blessed (without another ring)!

Michael Terrell

I am not a Steelers fan or a Cardinals fan. But this was a hell of a Super

Michael Sloane

If I could back in time and change the Cardinals Super Bowl loss to a win
or prevent Sandy Hook but not both I would make the choice to change the
Cardinals Super Bowl loss to a win.


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