The biggest sports betting day is almost near, and I am pretty sure that you are excited for this coming Super Bowl LXVI. Are you ready enough on betting for the said game? Well, you must be preparing for it as early as now as this only happen once in a year. The Super Bowl LXVI will be on February 05, 2012 to be played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m pretty sure that the Super Bowl of the year will be an awesome day for everyone, so be sure that it will be pretty good for you too!


Here are some of the best Super Bowl betting tips that you could be useful for you to be successful!


1. Research about the team playing on the game, and their performances during the last 10 years, review and analyze the information gathered. Do comparison of each year’s result. If a particular team won more than five times Super Bowl and the other one is less than two then you can be 90% sure that the first one will gonna win the game. BUT if the first one didn’t won in the last 3 years, follow the second step.


2. Read news, forums, blogs and articles about the teams and players. Before you make a sport picks, you should also know the latest injury as this can be a great factor for the team to lose.


3. Consider the weather forecast. Some players could well perform when the weather is cold.


4. Research the best odds. Different sites offer different football odds. Also, different sportsbook offer different point spreads or payouts. Look for the site that offers the biggest payout. It is also a good idea to have money on several sportsbook offering Super Bowl bets.


5. Bet on the team that everybody is thinking that is gonna lose. This may sound risky but could bring you a lot of money. Because if you win, you will earn the money of the people who bet on the other team, and there’s gonna be a lot of them.


6. You can also place prop bets. Prop bets may include betting on how many yards a specific player will gain, how many receptions they will have, which quarterback will throw the first touchdown or interception or which field goal kicker will kick the first field goal and at which distance. Or you can also bet on the coin flip or if a team will take the ball or defer to the second half. You can wager on the winning coach getting Gatorade dumped on him too, and so much more.


Whether you’ll watch it live or online… making some money on Super Bowl is one of the best ways to double the fun and excitement in watching your favorite football championship game!

Superbowl Sunday is one of the most anticipated sports event around the globe. And every year, the number of Superbowl bettors are growing. is the place to be for this year’s Superbowl betting event. We’ve got all the action covered for you. Check our live superbowl betting odds and lines too.

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