An estimated 111 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLV, setting a new record that had previously been held by Super Bowl 44 as the most watched TV program of all time. The Green Bay Packers got out to an early lead and although challenged, never relinquished that lead to the never say die Pittsburgh Steelers. The final score of 31 -25 was indicative of the hard fought nature of the game.

Turnovers by the Pittsburgh Steelers were a key factor in the game. Green Bay, led by emerging star quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored a touchdown near the end of the first quarter. Just 14 seconds later, Pittsburgh’s quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger tossed an interception to Green bay’s Nick Collins who returned it for a 37 yard touchdown. Green Bay was suddenly up 14-0. Pittsburgh managed a field goal and then Green Bay came back and scored a third touchdown, making the score 21-3 with just over 2 minutes to halftime.

It looked like the Packers had complete control of the game and would need a major collapse if the Steelers had any chance to win. The folks at must have been getting prepared to assemble the Super Bowl XLV Championship Hats, Shirts and other commemorative memorabilia in the Green and Yellow colors of the Packers. However, Pittsburgh had other ideas.

Ben Roethlisberger rallied his troops and marched down the field, hitting Hines Ward for an 8 yard touchdown pass. The score was 21-10 at halftime. Pittsburgh grabbed the momentum back in the 3rd quarter when they scored another touchdown, making it anyone’s game at 21-17 Green bay with over 10 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. The absolute key play came in the 4th quarter with the score still 21-17 in Green Bay’s favor. Pittsburgh had seemingly regained all of the momentum and was driving. It was 2nd 2 at the Green Bay 32 when a running play was stopped for a loss by Green Bay’s best player, Clay Mathews. On 3rd down, Mendenhall took a handoff and Mathews tackled him and knocked the ball loose. Green Bay recovered at their 45 and promptly marched down and scored another touchdown. The score was 28-17 with still enough time left to try to come back. Roethlisberger led Pittsburgh to a touchdown and the Steelers converted a two point play.
It was now 28-25.

Aaron Rodgers remained calm and moved the Packers down field for a successful field goal making the score 31-25. It seemed almost inevitable that with 2 minutes left, Big Ben would once again pull off a miracle and a 1 point win. Well, fairy tales don’t always come true. Unable to sustain a drive, the Steelers succumbed to the Packers by the final score of 31-25.

With the winner crowned, it was time for Green Bay Packer fans to celebrate. Every fan would need an official Green Bay Packer Super Bowl XLV Champion Hat and maybe a sweatshirt or a sporty jacket. No problem. All they have to do is visit and pick up their official Super Bowl merchandise.

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