SUPERBOWL XIX Jan 20, 1985 1/20/85 KGO TV-7 San Francisco, CA part 02

Original air date: January 20, 1985 Network: ABC Channel: KGO TV-7 City, State: San Francisco, CA This is the 1985 broadcast of Superbowl XIX (Miami Dolphins…
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Joe Anthony you are right they should put an asterisk next to Brady and his
record Montana never lost a Super Bowl Brady lost two to the same team

young chess

my uncle carl monroe scores the first touchdown!!! GO MONROE!

joey anthony

brady broke montana’s record of most touchdown passes ever in the
playoffs.but now we know it was with deflated footballs which make the ball
easier to catch,sadly they wont take away his td passes but they should put
an asterick by it so people know how he got to be number 1.


This will always be the best Superbowl for me…XIX 33-3! Go 49ers!!!


After these messages…I am so thankful for you posting my favourite
SuperBowl ever……Superbowl XIX! On beta whereas I have VHS! I totally
love it and watch both halves and this game was very important to me!
Thanks again!


After so much searching, I finally found this..thanks so much for posting
it!! I am a long time 49ers fan from Toronto Ontario Canada! Loving it and
can remember watching this game when I was 15 1/2….thanks so much again!


I would like to know how I could acquire this whole game from you?

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