Original air date: January 20, 1985 Network: ABC Channel: KGO TV-7 City, State: San Francisco, CA This is the 1985 broadcast of Superbowl XIX (Miami Dolphins…



Late hit on Marino of course not called on the 9ers of the 80s. Fumble by
Solomon of course ruled not a fumble for the 9ers of the 80s.

Nate G Tang

Funny, in today’s nfl that solomon drop would be called an incomplete.


Probably my favourite football game ever, as a 49ers fan as I have been
since 1981….Montana was a great clutch QB and my favourite athlete ever
(close with Joe Sakic, formerly of the Colorado Avalanche)…the best of
the superstar athletes are those who rise above when the stakes are
highest, and both of these Joes are the best in my opinion…

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