Original air date: January 20, 1985 Network: ABC Channel: KGO TV-7 City, State: San Francisco, CA This is the 1985 broadcast of Superbowl XIX (Miami Dolphins…

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Trews Detroit

This was the first Super Bowl that I watched beginning to end. I thought
for sure Marino’s arm would carry the Fish to another Super Bowl Trophy.

TL swog

this showing of superbowl 19 is one of the greatest uploads ever, also the
picture is very clear. i’m thoroughly entertained.

Jonathan Gooby

There is really no good excuse for her to turn her back while singing, its
not like she is ugly or has any horrible disfigurement. Its like people are
running out of ways to be unique so they start doing stupid things and we
are supposed to accept it. Sia show your face and stop being stupid.

Tippy Wong

The first live performance i have seen was on Ellen’s show. Her singing is
magnificent outstanding but gave me tears. I watched other live shows again
with her singing i cried non-stop. She said she wants to be successful but
not famous, an ordinary life that wont be recognized by papparazzi

Jay 4eva

Wait, i thought Sia wanted to hide her face, why did she turn round after
singing?? Im confused…however, that was an amazing performance. Maddie
was amazing as always!!

Daniel Gurule

It would be cool if she had performance anxiety. Sia is very attractive

Mariam Sha'aban

I don’t know why people are complaining about her not facing the audience,
i was there! i wasn’t a big fan of her before that night BUT it was amazing
it, i never thought i’d enjoy it at all

dji zzah

is it an artistic experiment? its working not showing her face making
everyone more curious than ever.. ha ha the jokes on us

Christian Woman

AAAH!! Song and performance gave me the creeps. Its as though your trapped
in a mental prison with no way out. I would think people want to be happy
not breed misery. The song is not empowering. This song will make the weak
feel worse. We need some good old christian country songs! Put some real
natural smiles on our young people:) 


избушка, избушка – повернись к лесу задом а ко мне передом

Antonio Perez

She is the singer that has surprised me and what I like is that hides
behind his music, gives more importance to the music that his person, I am

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