The New York Giants 2011 Season and Superbowl Highlights. Make sure to subscribe!!



ikr they hatin cause they mad we beat them in the superbowl and dem eagles
they hatin cause last year they where the suckiest team in the NFL and all
of them voted for us

Xavier Martinez

This superbowl wasn’t luck, they beat the Patriots twice that season, so
that’s not luck, that’s skill


All you saying it was luck well guess what luck is apart of the game get
over it your team loss.. Nothing worse than a bunch of bitter nobodies
living in the past get over it you pricks

lance bower

Any patriot fan sayin there teams better than the giants get outa hear i
cant see a reason why youd watch this video … oh wait to show how ur team
lost to the giants k lmao stfu get outa here if ya hatin new englands
always goin be the new york giants bitch


I love this video, the funny thing is that i’m also watching a movie that
has the same exact epic music.


As a GIANTS fan, I will say with no problem that the Patriots were the
better team in the 07 Season. But the GIANTS definitely played the better
game in SB 42 that day. Don’t forget the Pats only Beat the G-MEN by 3
points in week 17. So it’s not like the GIANTS couldn’t handle the Pats.
But since ur so certain about the luck, oh well, there’s nothing anyone can
do. So when u go to your Grave, I’ll send u a “BIG BLUE” wreath with a
sign. “Here lies a GIANTS Hater” “May he Hate in Peace”


one thing I LOVEE about the GIANTS is everybody is involved. hell even some
of the lines men if they see a fumble they will pick it up and get a yard
or two, some get touch downs once or twice. they are a true team win or
lose they play together as brothers and as family. and I love it


hater how is it luck if they did it twice two different times it is not
luck its skill and will when you work hard and want it more you will get
it. luck my ass you want your team to win tell them to get better players
or step their game up


Dude it isn’t luck if they beat the same team twice in the two Super Bowl
they faced the England patriots


Fuck the giants most overrated team ever the 07 pats were way better ill go
to my grave saying luck


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