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Walkway [Explore]
Super Bowl CA
Image by melfoody
When the 49ers are playing the SuperBowl, you just know its going to be a great day to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, and indeed, it was. The crowds were way, way thinner than usual. It also helps that they appear to have separated the bike traffic from the pedestrians once again, which makes the whole thing more pleasant.

[Explore #96 2012-02-06]

Quiet before the storm
Super Bowl CA
Image by chris.chabot
I had a great time hanging out with my friends today. We started by photographing the sun set over San Francisco from Treasure Island (yes really, that’s what it’s called), where we were treated to this amazing view.

I bet the city won’t look as calm tomorrow since the San Francisco 49ers are playing in the super bowl and win or loose, the city wont look this peaceful for a little while. Oh and if you look closely at the San Francisco skyline you’ll see that lots of buildings are sporting the yellow and red colors of the 49ers.