Check out these Super Bowl 50 images:

Bridge Community Donation
Super Bowl 50
Image by DGFUMC
Youth Group representatives Kate Kinsella, Bruce Ritter (Youth Work Area Chairman), Ashton Haider, Denise Hage (signing for the 9:30 service), and Louise Osborn are presenting a check for 9.50 to Kim Holler, Bridge Board representative. The check represents money the FUMC youth earned at the Super Bowl Party and donated to the Bridge Communities.

Super Bowl 50
Image by casey atchley
About an hour before the start of the Elite race, Mike and I picked out a spot and camped for it. We liked this super muddy downhill/right turn as a place where the race could be won or lost. When I instagrammed this, I tried to explain to my followers that this was like having front row at the 50 yard line of the Super Bowl (or better, in my opinion)!