Some cool Super Bowl Arizona images:

Failed photographic missions
Super Bowl Arizona
Image by kevin dooley
We remember the photo sessions that yielded gold with inspiration and nostalgia. In my experience though that are just as many or more "failed" trips which we look back on and ask: What the hell was I thinking?

A "failed" photo trip does not imply the trip wasn’t otherwise fun, but rather–we failed to execute in the field. Why didn’t I think of setting the ISO differently? Tripod–hah–I don’t need a tripod. No don’t pull over now, the shot will still be there in five minutes. I could of sworn I charged the battery. All these phrases and more you have probably uttered too.

So here’s a CHEER to the failed trip, for in the mud and muck there are always a few little happy accidents, like this one.

Mrs. Peahen displays her chapeau for any interested Super Bowl visitors.
Super Bowl Arizona
Image by h_dwight_beers
Sahuaro Ranch Park, Glendale AZ

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