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Original air date: January 20, 1985 Network: ABC Channel: KGO TV-7 City, State: San Francisco, CA This is the 1985 broadcast of Superbowl XIX (Miami Dolphins…



I remember this. This was Dan Marino’s ONLY Super Bowl appearance. I
believe OJ screwed up the halftime highlights. After a decade and a half of
MNF this was ABC’s first Super Bowl broadcast.

Terrence Clay

Interestingly, even though O.J. Simpson was an in-booth commentator on
“Monday Night Football” for the 1984 NFL season, he wasn’t in the booth for
Super Bowl 19 (ABC’s first). Joe Theismann is only the second active
player to do color commentary for a Super Bowl TV broadcast. Jack Kemp at
Super Bowl 2 on CBS was the first. I’m guessing that O.J. was not getting
a lot of rave reviews for his performance and ABC, knowing that they had a
lot riding on their first ever Super Bowl broadcast, kept him out of the
booth. It’s also interesting that Howard Cosell never got a chance to help
call a Super Bowl for ABC (he left “Monday Night Football” the season
prior). I’ve read the argument or suggestion that Don Meredith got exposed
as a rather weak/subpar analyst w/o Cosell to balance him out/counter him. 

Jason Richards

23:00 Dandy Don inventing the word “clutch-downs” while lending his
well-oiled perspective to a sideline catch by Dwight Clark LMAO


In my opinion this was the best of the 49ers glory years teams

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