Super Bowl Minnesota
by RMTip21

Minnesota Vikings are a professional American football team that makes Minneapolis, Minnesota its home base. They are part of the National Football League and play in the North Division of the National Football Conference. They were originally going to be part of the American Football League, but the ownership found that they preferred to be in the NFL. They were a 1961 expansion team.

As a NFL member, they have won their division. They have the distinction of being the first to appear in four Super Bowls as well as being the first to lose four Super Bowls.

The Minnesota Vikings history begins in August of 1959 when three Minnesotan businessmen named Bill Boyer, H.P. Skoglund and Max Winter were awarded with a new franchise in the American Football League. Bernie Ridder joined these three men in their ownership of the team and this ownership decided to forfeit their AFL membership and become part of the National Football League. To become part of the NFL, they had to add Ole Haugsrund as part of the ownership. The NFL had a deal with him that he would get 10% of any future Minnesota team as compensation for buying his Minnesotan football team in the 1920’s. They accepted this new member to their group and they were awarded with the NFL’s 14th franchise. The team did not play until 1961.

Other than losing four Super Bowls in their history, Minnesota Vikings are known for making one of the biggest personnel blunders in the history of the NFL. This blunder took place when they acquired Herschel Walker from Dallas. In the deal, they got Herschel, a 3rd draft pick (Mike Jones), a 5th draft pick (Reggie Thornton), a 1990 10th round choice (Pat Newman) and a 1991 3rd round choice named Jake Reed. In return, Dallas got Issiac Holt, David Howard, Darrin Nelson, Jesse Solomon, Alex Stewart, 1990 1st, 2nd and 6th round choices, 1991 1st and 2nd round choices and the 1992 1st and 2nd round choices. Dallas Cowboys definitely got the better part of this deal. As result of this deal, they got Emmit Smith and Darren Woodson. Their draft picks lead them to 3 Super Bowl victories in the 1990s. The Minnesota Vikings did not win any Super Bowls and Herschel Walker did not have a good career with the team.

A rune stone that was found in a small Minnesotan town supposedly curses the Minnesota Vikings. It is known how you get rid of the curse.

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