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Katy Perry Will Perform 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show!

Posted on December 24, 2014 by admin in Super Bowl XLIX News

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  1. eddy wolfe on said:

    WTF?! Why not Lady Gaga? She’s so much more talented and would put on such
    a good show with her new songs from ARTPOP. 

  2. Arjan Madan on said:

    I thought Rihanna was good (even though I don’t like her that much). Eminem
    would have been great. GAGA WOULD BE AWESOME 

  3. Nicolo Pia on said:

    Sales don’t defy how great an artist is, talent and risk does…

    I can name more than 25 girls in my high school who can sing better than
    Katy and are yet irrelevant to the public.

    People like Madonna, Gaga, Jackson, Aguilera, Rihanna, and Cher are true
    artists hence the titles bestowed upon the legends.

    I rest my case.

  4. Joewaaaayyy on said:

    Katy is a great choice because she’s extremely relevant, one of the most
    popular singers currently. She has a huge following (58 million), and 9 #1
    songs, and her content is mostly family friendly. She may not be the
    greatest singer, and will be hard to outshine Beyoncé, but I think Katy
    will put on a phenomenal show. 

  5. L O L o C. on said:

    Katy Perry is amazing I’m glad she got chosen to perform at the Superbowl
    she’s amazing and she can totally perform and slay the stage.Love you Katy

  6. Hidden Valley Ranch on said:

    YAAAASSS Queen of pop!! I can’t wait for her to show everyone and prove
    them wrong about her vocals! When will Flopga? STAY PRESSED LITTLE

  7. Andrew Hossam on said:

    Wow!! there are many artists that can actually sing out there like Gaga ,
    Beyonce or Rihanna , yet they choosed the most horrible untalented stupid
    garbage of pop history. I guess no one will give a fuck about her or her
    performance , every body will be busy watching Gaga’s performance in space.

  8. Joshua Vargas on said:

    Gaga wasn’t picked for a reason. She was irrelevant during this era. I mean
    applause and do what you want were popular but that was in 2013! Artrave
    barely sold tickets confirmed by BILLBOARD! ! I like gaga she’s amazing
    talented i wish her best. Reason katy was picked great year for her ,
    number one album, two number one singles , last three single charted and
    are radio friendly. Her tour has been doing sooo well. She has reached 72
    millon singles sold she’s the doing artist to do so. Ariana wasn’t picked
    cause she’s too new also iggy is too new. Katy isn’t mariah carey high
    notes but she’s not the worst singer alive if she was she wouldn’t be
    signed , she may not have the best voice but she can sing and hit high
    notes . End of discussion 

  9. josh diaz on said:

    I like Katy Perry.. But i dont think this is gonna be good for her. This is
    superbowl were talking about, she isnt really that big on her vocal skills
    shes great at making music thou!

  10. Marvin Lee on said:

    I mean, I love Katy’s creativity, fashion, visuals and songs but she’s shit
    live. She sounds like a grandma on her deathbed when singing, and she
    dances like a toddler learning how to walk. I hope she just lip-syncs and
    barely dances and let the visuals do the work.

  11. FilmPassion Productions on said:

    People here want to see Lady Gaga, Iggy, Rihanna, or Taylor Swift do the
    halftime show? Screw that I want to see Metallica, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, or

  12. John Smith on said:

    This is only going to damage Katy’s Career, look at it in this perspective,
    the people that tend to watch the super bowl are stereotypically men, katy
    Perry has extremely awful vocals, one of the worst in pop tbh, her music is
    extremely generic and her performances are full of little teen girly stuff,
    a typical man when one comes along appreciates a good singer and performer
    like lady gaga,”whereas they hate generic teen girl performers like katy
    perry, even more people will be on social media during the super bowl
    saying how awful katy is,

  13. Dancing Spiderman on said:

    I’m all for an entire series of exuciatingly Beautiful Nipple Slips from
    Katy-Pie !! Wooo-HOOO !!

    I wanna be Katy’s SugarDaddie

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