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Posted on January 8, 2014 by admin in Super Bowl XLVIII News

52.24 – Look pretty!
Cold Weather Super Bowl

Image by dichohecho
Hummm. Funny week. I’ve been working and alone and cold and tired. I’ve broken out of a car park, had a sober but fun New Year’s Eve, and a very cold lunch today. And Scrabulous has returned to Facebook. Except that it’s called Lexulous now. But it’s still got all my old games on it :)

Last Mondayyyy. I… went to work. And I can’t remember what happened really… Oh! I had coffee and chats with Caroline before work :D
Same for Tuesday. Except that when I came home all my family had gone. Oh and I stalled at a junction on the way home, couldn’t re-start the engine for a few minutes and had to get pushed to the side of the road by the nice bus driver who was behind me at the lights. Oh and the headlights are screwed. They’ve been funny for a while, you try to dip them and they go off, but now there’s the added twist that they won’t come back on. You have to fiddle around a lot to get anything other than sidelights or full beam. You can choose between being invisible or dazzling other drivers, not the best thing to happen when you meet another car on a narrow twisty country lane… So I’ve been keeping them dipped and driving slower for safety’s sake.
Dad took Grandma home and the others followed on and they all went to Granny’s, I couldn’t go because I had to work. They’ve just come back this evening so I’ve been allll allloooonnnee for the rest of the week. It’s been ok, I’ve managed to fend for myself. Being able to drive helps somewhat.
I find that being on my own at home is fun a) when you’re in the mood for it and b) to start with. When it’s the wrong time of the month, the weather’s very cold, you work a lot and you’ve been alone a few days it tends to make you feel a bit miserable. Boo. The internet is fairly comforting, but there’s a limit. I found that the biting cold (inside the house too, even when the heating’s on) made me want to hole up in one room with my laptop and big fluffy dressing gown. So not much washing up or tidying got done for the first few days.
On Wednesday (New Year’s Eve) I worked from 9.35 until 6.05, and covered jewellery and watches for the last hour. I was pretty rubbish at that as I didn’t know about any of it, didn’t know which of the dozens of keys opened which cabinet, and had no idea where gift boxes or reservations would be!
At 6pm the store closed and I had to cash-up. I managed to drop some of the receipts (signing for Debenhams cards etc) down between the glass jewellery cases which was annoying and made me even slower at cashing up. I dashed upstairs with the cash bags and on the way gave Jenny from Lingerie a fright & explained that I might miss my park & ride bus. (the did a "Saturday Service" on NYE, which means the last bus leaves town at 6.15).
I handed the till bags over, grabbed my stuff and started running up the street. But just as I got halfway I saw the bus going round the roundabout at the top of the street, heading out of town. Uh oh.
I checked the bus stop in case there happened to be another bus, there wasn’t of course. Then I asked a taxi driver how much to the Park & Ride car park, £6 he said. It’s a 5 minute journey. So I sat in the bus stop & considered my options, and texted Amy to tell her what was going on (I was planning to go to her house & then out). I was getting pretty worried and miserable by this time, what with coldness and hopelessness and feeling silly. But then Jenny & her husband(partner?) drew up in the bus stop and gave me a lift out. Phew. I was very very very grateful for that.
When we got to the car park the barriers were down and there was no-one there to let me out (even though you’re not meant to park there over night). So, after scraping the ice off the car with the scraper they kindly gave me, I went up over the kerb and the grass and broke out. I had to go through a red light too as they turn off the filter for the Park & Ride at night :s
Anyway. I eventually got to Amy’s and changed there, then gave her and Kat (who was there already) a lift into Taunton. We met Cat and Sarah H and a few other people in Perkin before heading over to Shout (ohyes!). We stayed there for the rest of the night and saw plenty of people we knew from school or college as well as what seemed to be half the staff of Debenhams.
Cat is a well-known crazy dancer (she once had a dance off with someone in Shout… she won) and was, of course, doing her best. Unfortunately this led to a rather strange group of men gathering around her (and dancing too). They were all quite short, possibly of Indian extraction and wearing polo shirts or parkas. Very odd.
After the less than thrilling countdown to midnight, and a proposal over the PA from some bloke (she said yes), I gave Amy a lift home and Sarah came and stayed over at my house. It was nice to have some company! And to not drive home on my own!
After Sarah went home on Thursday (we got up at about 11.30) I had lunch and spent most of the afternoon huddled over the computer in the kitchen (it was too cold to do anything else). I eventually showered and put on fresh pajamas when it got dark. Not a terribly productive day. But it really was cold. Right now it’s 12.5 degrees C in the kitchen, with the heating on. (And the boiler’s in the kitchen too so maybe it should be the warmest room?)
I worked on Friday, 10-7, and got given a bottle of wine for being a good little shop assistant and opening two Debenhams cards. Although the second one was at about 7 o’clock and I managed to delay the closing of the shop by doing it (although it wasn’t my fault that the phoning-up part took ages, I got put on hold and everything). I didn’t miss the bus this time because it was back to normal service so the last one left at half past. But I was the only person on the bus and the last one in the car park.
Onnnn Saturday there were lots of us in so we weren’t too rushed off our feet (as we had been other days, we’re on "Blue Cross Sale" now). I spent most of the day stickering knickers/briefs/whatever you like to call them (but not "panties" eugh). I parked at Wood Street Pay & Display so I wouldn’t have bus missing fun and I was rewarded with an array of frosty salad on the ground by the car and some nice frosty rosehips behind Lidl. I didn’t have time to stop and photo the funny purple berries in Goodlands Gardens though :( Maybe another day. Do I want more frost or a bearable temperature? How about both?
Ummm. I went home via Sainsbury’s where I found Covent Garden soups for 95p which I ate with half-bake baguette. Mmmmm. I spent most of the evening on MSN and Facebook talking to various people, including Anna who I went to school with but is originally from Hong Kong and at university in Leeds. She’s been in Taunton for the weekend so we organised a little get-together for today.
So today I got up earlier than I needed to but not as early as planned, because of coldness of house and warmth of bed. I tidied a few things I should’ve tidied earlier and put the dishwasher and some laundry on. Then I went and picked up Sarah and also Anna and we went to Pizza Hut, where we met Kat for lunch. They weren’t too busy so we easily got a table. But their heating was broken so we kept our coats on. And the waitresses were wearing gloves.
Anna, Sarah and Kat got minute bowls of pasta which weren’t super and certainly weren’t "perfect for lunch". I ordered a pasta bake thing and got given a plate of mozarella and tomato and an apology. Then I got the right thing and only got charged for the salad! We also realised later that they forgot to charge us for our desserts :s So lunch was cheap…
Then we went over to the cinema and sat in the foyer for about 20 minutes deciding which film we should see. We didn’t see one. Then we went to the bowling alley and stood about for 5 minutes before deciding we didn’t want to do that either. Everyone was a bit tired and apathetic, but it was ok because we all were!
So I drove us into town and we went and harassed a couple of friends who were working in shops, Sarah went to see her boyfriend who was going back to University this evening and we bumped into Emily & Lucy who were doing a bit of sale shopping. After a while we ended up in Starbucks and were rejoined by Sarah & boyfriend, Amy who’d finished work by then, and Lucy for a while.
Eventually I dropped Anna back home, handed Kat over to her Mum and took Sarah home too. Then I came home and did the washing up, emptied the dishwasher and awaited the return of my parents and sisters.
They brought me presents :D

This is Anna, Sarah, Kat & me in the stairwell of the car park. It’s almost a circular mirror like those. But not quite.
I don’t know if it was this stairwell or one of the others that featured in Starpixie & Bolliston’s streams.

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