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JerseyBorn | Aspiring Play-By-Play Broadcaster

Bradford Hall, you’ve just won the Super Bowl, what are you doing next?


THe superbowl is supposed to be in San Fran? why is @MADDEN so damn lazy?


Wow…..what an end to a really exciting season!!! Noob analysis coming
atcha in 3, 2, 1……XD

1. So, I guess the 1st thing I should mention is the decision of Bradford
Hall leading the charge for the Cowboys. Thinking about it now, and after
hearing how Tony Romo wasn’t really sharp enough in practice, that does
make Bradford the best man for the job. He’s been an integral part of their
success on the road here, and he truly came, saw, and conquered out on that

2. Two words…..Demarco Murray!!!!! WOW…….. he was a freaking animal
out there!! The numbers he put up, from his carries, his yardage, and his
touchdowns, he is WELL deserving on that SB MVP accolade. You could really
see how bad he wanted to grab this title…kudos to him!!

3. The actual game was, I thought, played very well and each team executed
great. Next to Demarco’s outstanding performance, I have to give it up for
Brock Osweiler. To be a rookie and carry the huge task of leading your
squad like that takes guts, and he played a great game, which stayed close
for a good minute there. One particular play that I thought was pretty
clutch was that sack by JJ Wilcox to deny the Broncos that 2-point
conversion…..I even went “Ooooh!!!” right there XD

Everything from this great game that was played aside, I really want to
take a moment to congratulate and acknowledge YOU, Mr. Aaerios. The job
that you do is just outright amazing-the way you commentate with such class
and intelligence, and, as expected, you deliver a stupendous job each and
every time. Something like this, as you mentioned previously, takes a
considerable and admirable amount of time, patience, and practice to
perfect, and I really do respect you the the roof for that. As I’ve
mentioned to Fruit, the gaming community is blessed to have guys like you
taking the time and dedicating yourself to put out top-notch material out
to your watchers……good man you are dude.

Great job Aaerios…..great job indeed!!!!…, let’s get STUPID up in
this piece!! XD

Nicholas Sanchez

I honestly not a cowboys fan (NYG fan) but i love this series no matter the
nfc east rivory


Both JerseyBorn and Aaerios win the Super Bowl in a week??? It’s a


Dang that score looked a lot different than I thought. I thought it would
be a high scoring game. Congrats though! The Cowboys are back!


I think you should up the quarters to 13-15 mins to make things a bit more
realistic. Hall with just 7 pass attempts may be a bit questionable lol.
Great win tho! 

Jerry Hays

Yes, this is the stuff I like. Peyton didn’t even play or else it would of
been a shootout just waiting to happen

Chris Lane

Good game! I hope Tony Romo can start next season for at least one more

ZachsSportsGaming - HD Sports Gaming Commentaries

50 runs to 7 passes… woah

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