Check out these Super Bowl MN images:

Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl MN
Image by jakekrohn
At least we had dip.

Lulu learns patience..
Super Bowl MN
Image by WasabiDoobie
She has amazing control when it comes to dinner time. She’ll sit and drool by her bowl until she’s told to "go get it"… I decided to give her the ultimate test – she passed…

….. Perspecitve, five good things (group):
1 – Having a great student
2 – Warm puppy/dog paws on cheeks after their nap
3 – Having a fail proof alarm clock to get me up no later than 7am. EVERY DAY
4 – Great reminder of how silly everything is after a super hard day
5 – Having a super model to compensate for my lack of photography talent

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