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Ny Giants (The Drive To Glory) superbowl 42 Td

Posted on July 7, 2013 by admin in Super Bowl XLVIII News

Ny Giants (The Drive To Glory) superbowl 42 Td

The ny Giants drive to Glory in superbowl 42. The undefeated patriots vs underdog roadwarrior giants!
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The New York Football Giants have just scored a touchdown. Manning to David Tyree. Now Tom Brady has gone down the football field and is about to score and t…


  1. JAYBROsixteen on said:

    I Iike this better then Super Bowl 46 becuz pats could’ve been 19-0 and this had a epic last drive for the giants.

  2. Adam Block on said:

    Gotta give the g-men the respect due. As a Packer fan, they have been the better team against us for the past 5 years. Something about those stout 4-3 teams…

  3. ace942 on said:

    Eli Manning has beaten the Patriots in 2 Super Bowls with epic drives. This one must have been the more painful of the 2 for the Patriots since they could have gone undefeated. Eli finds a way to win in big games unlike his brother Payton who does not always play well in big games.

  4. Ryan Dunn on said:

    Pretty sure the Giants beat them in the regular season in ’12, and in the post season in ’11, and in ’07

  5. Taelan Baylor on said:

    Is that joe buck commenting on moss’s td? the same joe buck who trashed moss’s disgusting act at lambeau in 05?

  6. joesakic91 on said:

    Actually, the biggest fluke is the other New York Football team, the Jets.

    BTW, Tom Brady and the Patriots had the last possession in both Super Bowl losses to the Giants.

  7. Xhoven on said:

    Not only did they beat you in the playoffs to end a 15-1 season, they beat you 38-10 last season…short memory?

  8. Jrod truthtwothree on said:

    Giants should of never beaten New England twice! Tom Brady won both of these Superbowls his defense just didn’t hold up the other teams offense and Eli is an complete fluke!

  9. joesakic91 on said:

    From the Pro Football HOF website…
    NFL Championships won
    Green Bay Packers 13 (9 Pre-SB, 4 SB)
    Chicago Bears 9 (8 Pre-SB, 1 SB)
    New York Giants 8 (4 Pre-SB, 4 SB)

    The NFL started in 1920, not in Super Bowl I.

    So, you’re the one who’s stupid.

  10. LiiTTLExxT102 on said:

    Now on? Just because they made the superbowl doesn’t automatically make them the shoe in favorite, if the giants make the wildcard and go on a late run( LIKE THEY DID THE LAST TWO SUPERBOWLS) and they have to play 3 playoff games with the confidence of the late season, what makes you think they can’t do it for the 3rd time?Do you have a sense of logic?Or are you blinded by hate and doubt? And the Gay-Men? LMFAO yo you real mad aren’t you bruh?

  11. Harish Reddy on said:

    yeah yeah damn you guys this is nothing. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty check out this:

  12. George Jeovaras on said:

    I wasnt talking about that. I was talking about the 49ers are ruling the NFc from now on,face it,they are OP. The gay-men have no chance. are you retarded?

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