San Diego Chargers football tickets are available at As you are probably well aware, the Chargers are supposed to be the best team in the AFC West, and are one of only a handful that look like possible Super Bowl winners right away. Let’s take a look at the Chargers to see what the rest of the league is up against.


Last season the Chargers notched an 11-5 record, went to the playoffs, and then really turned on the heat. They beat the Titans, then the Colts, and then came about as close as anybody up until that point at beating the Patriots. They eventually lost to New England 12-21, but by that time LT couldn’t even walk. Needless to say, they were a pretty scary team last season, and not much has changed.


Offense: The Chargers still have LaDainian Tomlinson leading the “charge” from the backfield. If you play fantasy football you know that LT is slated by most draft guides to be the No. 1 rusher this season. He could basically run the show himself, but they also have the streaky, loudmouthed Phillip Rivers at quarterback. Rivers only needs occasional acts of competence to make sure the opposing defenses doesn’t key on LT too much. Chris Chambers is the team’s go-to wide receiver. Although Chambers is not an elite playmaker anymore, he does a good job of distracting the defense with his speed. Tight end Antonio Gates is still probably the best target for Rivers this season. They finished 2007 ranked 5th in total offense.


Defense: On defense the Chargers were 5th overall in keeping their opponents from scoring. While Shawne Merriman gets a lot of the hype, they also have a superb defensive line and a solid secondary, so there’s no real weakness on defense. Shaun Phillips, the linebacker on the opposite side of Merriman, ended 2007 with 8.5 sacks. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie had 10 interceptions last year. It would be surprising if the Chargers were not again among the top five defenses in the league.


Big Game: October 12th: New England: Before the Patriots game, the Chargers will have played the Panthers, the Broncos, the Jets, the Raiders and the Dolphins. There’s a real chance that both the Chargers and the Pats will come into the game with 5-0 records. This is also a rematch of the AFC Title Game last year, and could be a preview for the one this year. Chargers fans are very lucky, because they draw both New England and Indianapolis at home. San Diego Chargers tickets for those two games will be in very high demand.