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The 2016 Kia Sorento has been completely redesigned. It’s bigger, more refined, and more capable than ever before. With 290 horsepower and all-wheel drive, it’s “The Perfect Getaway Vehicle…


Fortyniner Fan

Here is the San Francisco Super Bowl 2016 YouTube Video!


Hey, check out this nicely done video about the 2016 San Francisco Super
Bowl. I am Process Server and a rabid 49ers Fan!

Kia Motors America

Phil saw his shadow, which means there’s still six more weeks to plan your
#PerfectGetaway. Relive our Super Bowl spot again (and again):

YT Lone Wolf

Where is this commercial filmed? does that cabin in the mountains really
exist somewhere? or is it CGI?

Kia Motors Russia

Пирс Броснан и новый KIA Sorento — главные герои «Идеального побега».
Актёра, привыкшего к опасностям в сюжете на каждом километре пути, ждёт не
рискованное предприятие, а удобное и комфортное путешествие. 


I wonder if Kia first tried to get Daniel Craig for this commercial, but
for some reason settled for Brosnan instead?

Joseon In

Funny commercial. Btw, I went to test drive this car and I really liked it.
Good price and all the bells n whistles I wanted. Good job KIA

David Šantora

Pierce si v nové reklamě na Kiu utahuje sám z vlastního odkazu. Velmi
povedené… :-)

Antonio Araya

HAHAHAHAHA buena manera de reírse del típico comercial de autos


I love it. Best car commercial in many many years. Pierce Bronson is STILL
HOT. Love him. 

Sean Rhodes

That was great, he’ll always be the best James Bond 

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