Washington residents are proud of their Western Division NFL team – the Seattle Seahawks. While they are a phenomenal team, they are most well known for the entrances, onto the field, during home games. Every home game opens with the entertainment of the team being led onto the field by an Aqur Hawk by the name of Tania.

The Seattle Seahawks have accomplished something that no other NFL team has; they have played in both the NFC and AFC leagues, and have won titles in both. This is one fact all football fans know, and that Seahawk fans are proud to stand by. Seahawk fans are not only proud of their team’s accomplishments in multiple leagues, but of their skill their abilities on the field. Even with a disappointing 4-12 record in 2008, the Seahawks and their fans, look forward to an exceptional season in 2009.

In earlier years, 1972, the Nordstrom family, along with others, were looking into a new NFL franchise, specifically on the West coast. This new franchise would be housed in Seattle, WA and would later be owned by Seattle Professional Football, Inc (in 1974). Finally, two years later in 1976, the Seattle Seahawks stormed the field for the first time ever. This was a proud moment for, not only many investors, but fans too.

Kingdome stadium was the home of many great accomplishments, and is where the fans stood their ground! Seahawk fans were, and still are, known to be the loudest fans in the entire NFL. In fact, during the early years, the New York Giants were forced into 11-false starts, in a single game, all caused by the noise from the stands.

This was the start of a loyal relationship between fan and team. To this day, the Seahawks recognize fans loyalty, and do what they can to involve the fans, and recognize them for standing by their sides. Many events have taken place around the fans – in their honor the Seahawks would say.

One of the most fascinating tributes, by the team to the fans, was the retirement of the number 12. After retirement, jerseys were printed, with the number 12 on them, along with the word Fan (in place of a player name). This number was retired specifically for the fans, and is still recognized as ceremonial at home games.

In 1988, the Seahawks played in Super Bowl XL, but were unable to win the ring. Since then, the team has brought home many wins. In fact, there have been many title wins since then as well. The Seahawks brought home NFC titles from four years in a row, starting in 2004.

With such a build up to a Super Bowl win, there should be no surprise when the Seahawks bring home that title in 2009. They have had many years to practice, have brought in a new coach for the new season, and plan to wipe the field with every team they play!

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