Every read a book and thought hmm…I remember them foreshadowing that way back in Chapter 1? Well, this is what this video is all about…Taking the warning…
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Hey, when are going to share ALL that money you make? LOL Enoch should be
in the Bible. God saw favor in him and took him. I have had discussions
with people who think Enoch is satanic. It is clear to me at that point
these people know nothing about who Enoch was in the eyes of God. Do not
forget that Katy Perry did her VMA live music show(ROAR) down near the
water with the Brooklyn bridge in the background. At 17:45 in your video
that is the exact background of Katy P’s live performance except in the
dark. Did you know that this years Superbowl is disallowing any
tail-gating? Also there are only 13,000 (13) parking spaces. There will be
no dropping off of people by taxi or any other vehicle. If you do not get
one of the 13,000 parking spots you have to take a bus to and from the
Superbowl at a weird cost of $51 dollars(=’s 6). They sited these changes
for security and space issues.
http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/10109826/no-tailgating-parties-super-bowl-stadiumI would not want to go to this Superbowl or any other. Too much
foreshadowing on this event. We all need to start looking at the 2014
Winter Olympics. Great catch on Superbowl Siri. I have seen the Gates of
Hades(Siri) already on youtube. I wonder if the presentation of Jesus may
be the presentation of the false one/antichrist is some ritualistic manner
during the performances.They (satanists) love to mock God using similar
events from the past. No other event grabs so many viewers watching it from
all over the world. I agree, something will happen in the 3rd quarter again
this year. We will probably see all those football commercials featuring
“giant” football players leading up to the darn thing too.


Here’s something that correlates

The are only two Gates (entry ways) into Orion

1- The intersection between Taurus and Gemini,
is known as the “Silver Gate”.

2- The intersection between Scorpio and Sagittarius,
is known as the “Golden Gate”.

Orion is supposedly from where Jesus is too return from, and also Orion’s
belt is represented as the three pyramids of Giza (As above, so below)

Google “Papal regalia and insignia” and take a look at the crossed keys
(silver and gold)

You might be right about San Francisco 49ers (Golden Gate) making it to the
Super Bowl again this year. If they do, bet on them to win it this year.

Edmund Kratzer

I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the colors of the stadium when lit
looks like umm a certain color pill from a certain movie! Also I want know
the distance between the stadium and the bridge. My wife says its about
20mins with good traffic. Also I want to point out the Gates inside the
Stadium are called MetLife, Pepsi, Verizon and Bud Light. Watch the
commercials that are playing right now before the game.. They might be
pointing to some other clues.. Oh btw you may mention my name when you do
your vids its ok. 😉 Thanks for putting the Muppets in. 🙂 It brighten my
day. :)


Also some of these connections that you make like you think San Francisco
will make it to the super bowl because of all the golden gate references.
Do you think that’s it’s like a conspiracy or the energy of the universe… I
just don’t get how they’re actually related.


Great comment about the groxt Mark. I personally think he is a false
prophet misleading people in the wrong direction …. This is one of your
best videos BTW.
Also, have you ever heard 9Nania videos? She has been talking about
something probably fixing to happen in NY forever. She uses the bible, and
I personally find her research very interesting!


I thought of something else, too. We just had another shooting at the
Middle School in New Mexico on the 14th. January 14, 2014.
1+1+4+2+0+1+4=13. Isn’t that strange? 


Awesome video, and info! I can’t wait to see how all of this goes down.
There’s so much symbolism all around us, and very few even stop to notice
it. Keep up the great work! 


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