The 2014 Super Bowl will be played in cold weather. This is a risky move by the NFL, but it might work out fine.


Dan Rhone

I think all superbowls should be played more often outdoors in cold weather instead of in warmer climate like Florida or California or Louisana..

Daniel Walton

I don’t see why this is even an issue. It’s not like all of them aren’t used to it and if they aren’t…their fault!


This reminds me of an American import (can’t remember who it was now) who went to Winnepeg to play in the CFL. It’s about 5 degrees, he gets off the plane and says to the guy picking him up, “Wooo, it’s cold, we’re not gonna play in this weather are we?” haha. Guy says, “Hell no, we’ve got some weather on order from Florida, should be here any day now. And it’s not even winter yet, wait till it hits minus 35. Makes for some interesting football games.


I think it’s a good idea. The only Bad Weather Game we’ve had for a Super Bowl was Super Bowl 41 when it rained throughout the whole game. Bad Weather Games are some of the best games ever played in the NFL. As for the weather being the main story, not always the case as seen with the Tuck Rule Game.


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