Who Will Win the 2014-2015 Super Bowl?

Josh Gibbs has sent us a few videos, and we enjoyed them so much, we asked him to change gears, and provide us a prediction of the 2014-2015 Super Bowl champ…
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Jacob Thomas

I’m gonna be really bias But the Bengals could have a chance if dalton
doesn’t choke and if there defense plays amazing like last year, from a
true aspect I think the broncos will win it

David Smith

Niners vs pats niners take it……..dan marino didnt win any
rings…….and steve young is white i believe and has won a super
bowl…….this guy dosent know shit about football

Awesome Card Games

I had to stop watching this video. If you want to make a prediction then
give me FACTS. Colin Kaepernick averaged 5.7 yards per carry in 2013-2014
and 6.6 yards per carry in 2012-2013. That’s pretty good for a running QB.

Dan Marino NEVER won a Super Bowl. Your argument about him is out the
window. Colin came closer to winning a Super Bowl than Marino.

Champ Bailey is old and will be an embarrassment this year. He missed most
games last season. The Seahawks will crush the Saints again. The Seahawks
are a very bad match up for the Saints. The Seahawks cover better than any
team in the league. 


Saints are going to have a really good team. But you’re gonna fall short

Ryan Shaffer

its biased, he lives in new orleans and he said the saints will win


Let me tell you who will win the superbowl. But let’s start with the Seeds:

1st: Denver (13-3)
2nd: Indianapolis (12-4)
3rd: New England (12-4)
4th: Cincinatti (11-5)
5th: New York Jets (10-6)
6th: Pittsburgh (10-6)

1st: San Francisco (12-4)
2nd: Green Bay (12-4)
3rd: New Orleans (11-5)
4th: Philadelphia(11-5)
5th: Arizona (10-6)
6th: Seattle(10-6)

Games would be
Week 1:

Pittsburgh @ New England

Winner: New England

New York Jets @ Cincinatti

Winner: New York Jets

Seattle @ New Orleans

Winner: New Orleans

Arizona @ Philadelphia

Winner : Arizona

Week 2:
New York Jets @ Denver

Winner: Denver

New England @ Indianapolis

Winner: Indianapolis


Arizona @ San Francisco

Winner: Arizona

New Orleans @ Green Bay

Winner: Green Bay

Week 3:

Indianapolis @ Denver

Winner: Indianapolis

Arizona @ Green Bay

Winner: Green Bay


Indianapolis Colts V. Green Bay Packers

Winner: Green Bay


Pretty sure if Gronk stays healthy and the Broncos D can gel right, then
the Colts don’t have a chance making it to the SB. 


lol preseason hasn’t even started yet. Remember when people kept saying
Detroit would be great every year a few years ago until they learned their
lesson? I like this guys approach to the topic. Talking about whose not
going to do it is the best approach.

Jimmy Greer

Oh yeah, and thanks for the sea-sickness inducing video you made. Where did
you film this? In Inception where the walls move and suddenly the ceiling
is the floor?

If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.

Gwen De Young

I guess I was hoping for more stats and stuff to prove the point, also fact
checking, like saying Hakeem Nicks was drafted by the Colt, when he spent 5
years with the Giants and even won a Super Bowl with them. Really just add
stats and back up your predictions and I would think legitimate sports fans
would take you seriously. I’d like to see more videos though if there are

David Smith

Russel wilson is mobipe won a superbowl and andrew luck is mobile and your
predicting the colts in the superbowlalso johny manziel isnt starting this


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