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Day 63-48
Super Bowl Texas
Image by Tom Fowler LJTX
Pouring columns on the second floor of the Sadler Technology and Health Sciences Center on the Brazosport College campus on the 63rd day of construction. Work proceeded on a cloudy May 13, 2010. Workers on the ground formed the column forms from rebar and the workers in the photo guided them into place inside the cylindrical forms. Then the crane lifted a huge concrete bucket over the form and dropped in a yard or so of wet cement. It was the purest form of entertainment to watch. Better than any Super Bowl game I have ever seen. See the photos on either side of this to see the whole operation.

Super Bowl Texas
Image by Pablo G. Escobedo
Centro de Dallas, Estados Unidos. Más información, en Twitter: @PabloEscobedo

Cayenne Display
Super Bowl Texas
Image by Automotive Rhythms