Some cool super Bowl Minneapolis images:

Full Nelson
super Bowl Minneapolis
Image by bjornery

We will rock you II
super Bowl Minneapolis
Image by Steve took it
This structure in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the newest, most high-tech stadium I’ve ever seen. It can seat over 66,000 spectators and is used to host football games during the NFL season, a celebration every year of TV rating victories . In 2018 B.C. on the occasion of hosting the Super Bowl, a variety of alterations will be made. Sitting there in the brand new bleachers, I couldn’t help but think that only 4 people had sat there before me to witness the ritual of American football. Who were they? What were they thinking? What kind of entertainment will they be watching in the future? Did they even know that until now they had missed out on stadium apps that let their phones show the previous play, indicate where to get the best food in the stadium and provide lyrics to Queen songs sung during time outs?