Being the most watched event in the world on an annual basis and only second to FIFA’s World Cup (which runs every four years), the Super Bowl is an event like no other and as such an event of this magnitude commands a venue that can uphold its virtue. Cowboys Stadium, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, is that venue in 2011. To get an idea of how magnificent this stadium is, lets have a look at some of the supporting facts.

The stadium, the largest domed stadium in the world, was erected in Arlington, Texas and presented to the world on May 27, 2009 to a sold out crowd of Cowboys fans and country music lovers, with George Strait as the highlight performer. With all of its updates, the new stadium held tight to tradition in keeping an opening in the roof; a memorable feature of its predecessor, Texas Stadium in nearby Irving. However, the ability for this roof to close gives fans protection from the natural elements and makes the stadium more marketable for large events. With a normal seating capacity of over 80,000 and the ability to expand to over 100,000+, Cowboys Stadium serves as the third largest stadium, by those numbers, in the league.

While marveling at the retractable roof, fans entering the stadium will likely find themselves awestruck by the world’s largest high definition video screen. Built by Mitsubishi, it spans 60-yards from 20-yard line to 20-yard line giving fans the ability to enjoy viewing the pristine picture from general seating throughout or in one of the 300+ luxury suites. Thus far, Cowboys Stadium has played host to concerts, ceremonies, NCAA basketball games, motocross, soccer and all levels of football from high school to professional.

If the roof and screen weren’t enough, maybe the most obvious feature that sets this stadium apart is the pair of massive arches that span the length of the entire building, almost 1,300 feet, that not only add to the aesthetics but are the primary support for the structure and also give the stadium the claim to the title of the largest “column-free” interior in the world as well. In addition, the stadium is flanked by two massive glass doors that open and allow the field to be rolled out in to the parking lot for easier maintenance.

Given it’s infinite list of features, it goes without saying that someone had to pay for it and in what probably became a sore subject among locals, the projected price tag of $ 650 million was exceeded and owner Jerry Jones’ final rough estimations have a final price tag in the range of $ 1.3 billion dollars. To pay for it, voters in the city approved a tax hike and bonds helped foot the bill while Jones invested a great deal of his own assets to construction as well.

It is these features in a never-before-seen stadium that has drawn the attention of the National Football League and is the primary reason that the stadium and the city of Arlington, Texas will play host to Super Bowl XLV.

That said, having a nice stadium with loads of “bells-and-whistles” isn’t the only factor that bears weight in hosting the NFL’s biggest game. The metropolitan area’s infrastructure must be able to effectively manage and support the massive level of people that will flock to the area for the weekend. The city of Arlington and the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex certainly offer this.

Being central to the entire metroplex and smack-dab in the middle of the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington has roughly 15 major highways and Interstates that feed in to the stadium area in contrast to Texas Stadium which only had three (Loop 12 and Highways 114 and 183). The area benefited from $ 1 billion dollars in highway improvements, some specifically related to the stadium. In addition, the area offers over 100,000 hotel rooms to patrons that are traveling to the area to watch Super Bowl XLV live on February 6, 2011.

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