Hearts in Dallas and Fort Worth go out to superstar Cowboys quarterback Roger Starbach and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. For a year these two respected Metroplex leaders and community supporters have guided the negotiations that earned Dallas and Fort Worth the privilege of hosting Super Bowl XLV.

Jones asked Staubach to chair the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Bid Committee. Even though Staubach has over the years turned down opportunities to run for U.S. Senate, Governor of Texas and Mayor of Dallas, he didn’t need to think it over. He accepted on the spot. He said it was a “no brainer,” stating, “a Super Bowl would mean the world to this area, and this area has meant the world to me and my family.”

When the bid was won, Staubach became the “Host” of the Super Bowl and has headed up the committee. His contribution has been to delegate projects to the capable and influential committee members who have worked diligently to bring about an amazing experience for fans and residents.

Everything was in place when suddenly the improbable obstacles began to surface in the totally unexpected meteorological onslaught of precipitation and below freezing temperatures.

The entire week brought a series of daily school closings and reports of highway accidents – all attributed to the solid layer of ice covering the Metroplex.

Winter storms in Texas are different from those in more Northern climes. Travel does not require chains and snow tires. Where sanding leaves icy patches on streets and roads, drivers lose control of their vehicles, tractor trailers jack-knife and traffic becomes a virtual nightmare.

Adding to the three days of well below freezing temperatures, was a heavier than expected snow fall. It covered both cities in dry snow atop ice in the early morning hours on Friday. We had looked for a half inch of snow and awoke to six inches of the powdery stuff and thick flurries still falling.

Kids who had been couped up and home from school for four days broke out of their cabin fever and were sliding down hills and driveways, reveling in the uncharacteristic wintry playland.

Thousands of Super Bowl fans who had been arriving in the Metroplex all week were amazed at what they found.

Dallas and Fort Worth were as prepared as they could be, sanding and salting dangerous, ice-covered bridges and overpasses. Sanding trucks preceded the caravans of buses chauffeuring Packers and Steelers to their practice venues.

Spirits have remained high. Super Bowl fans are marvelously flexible, enthusiastic and undaunted. Parties and tours of the colossal Cowboy Stadium are going on every day. With the promise of warmer temperatures and melting snow on Saturday afternoon, some relief is in store. Yet, overnight freezing will cause more difficulties for the area on Super Bowl Sunday.

Hearts go out to our DFW leaders. Clearly, the disappointing weather conditions of this week are not their doing. There has been some negative media coverage. Such negativity, however is not being expressed by guests to our area. Packers and Steelers who represent Northern cities are positive and concentrating on being up for the big game.

What, then, is to blame? Global warming?

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