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Merry Christmas from Scout… 2008
Super Bowl 51
Image by circulating
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1. Super Bowl Sunday Crystal Ball, 2. dew drop at dawn, 3. icy waterdrop, 4. the curve of the blade, 5. Brittain Territory, 6. eclipse flyleaf, 7. you will not notice me if I wear camo, 8. this my Daddy gave me,

9. Big Rocky Hollow waterfall, 10. flake on snow, 11. its an uphill battle…, 12. yet a delicate balance, 13. lightning strikes, 14. daisy eye cloud in the sky, 15. come to see you, 16. Every dew-drop… had a whole heaven within it.,

17. hazy halloween moon, 18. I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when, 19. empty track, 20. still water and stones, 21. may you be filled to the brim…, 22. beads from a blue sky, 23. the road goes on forever and the story never ends, 24. a cog in the wheel,

25. deep inside your heart, 26. the birth of joy, 27. never been to Vegas…, 28. mimosa sunset, 29. sunset flight, 30. diagonal square, 31. art and science, 32. good morning bean,

33. splendor in the grass, 34. where bubbles go, 35. like objectives, 36. campfire of confusion, 37. imagine what 2008 will show, 38. heartly cloudy, 39. half a pie but one quarter slice, 40. the Christmas tree by candlelight,

41. juicy jewel on a purple pansy, 42. tax day moon, 43. Anderson Cooper, 44. fountain in the lake, 45. sunrise stream, 46. Loldogs @ your Library, 47. drop up / drop down, 48. she feeds the gulls iv,

49. walking the dog, 50. labor moon, 51. look outside, 52. on the other side of this hill is a summer afternoon, 53. wanna hang out for awhile…??, 54. fog lingered, 55. A little bird told me, 56. not flawless…,

57. birdseye view, 58., 59. train up a child in the way he should go…, 60. spider man has a hoodie cape did you know…??, 61. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ~ Coco Chanel, 62. well aged feet, 63. sometimes my imagination gets the best of me…, 64. heart strings,

65. foggy dawn, 66. lunar eclipse 022008 85703pm cst, 67. Lucy’s excuse, 68. crystal blue persuasion, 69. all agog, 70. he shoots the moon, 71. the last day, 72. self sunset

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Seahawks Victory Parade
Super Bowl 51
Image by Adam the Alien
Seahawks Victory Parade

The Seahawks Victory Parade in downtown Seattle, Washington. 700,000 fans packed into downtown Seattle to celebrate the ‘Hawks first Super Bowl win.